About Us

We are two Christchurch mothers who love projects that make our life easier and lovelier! We have always had a project on the go, and had a lot of great ideas with very little time to complete them.

After the Christchurch earthquakes we took time out from our work to be closer to our young children and families, which was fabulous for many reasons one of these being the time to complete projects and thus the beginnings of pip&kim.com. Our initial projects were the scooter and gumboot stands, which through word of mouth became a big hit.

The Christchurch earthquake destroyed many Christchurch homes and along with that the height history of our families, often generations old. The history these beautiful homes took with them can never be replaced, we both lost our growing families heights from our door frames during the repairs of our homes. We hope that our Family Statistics Banner can become a piece of your family history that not only moves with you when you leave your home but can be passed down the generations. It is a gorgeous piece that will enhance your homes walls or can be easily stored in its canister until your next measure up!

Our products are 100% designed and made in Christchurch and we are extremely proud of that.