Family Statistics Banner


This height chart was developed so as to keep a record of your family statistics, it is a portable and stylish piece of your family history.

Heights can be easily mapped and recorded, including parents and grandparents in both cm and inches (50cm – 220cm). There is also room for you to add personal milestones and achievements, the back of the banner could also be a place where you can record your family tree.

It is made from decor canvas and is printed to an exceptionally high standard at a local printing press.
It has 4 rivets, one at each corner for ease of hanging and comes in it’s own easy to store canister.
Also enclosed is a fine point black permanent marker, so it is all ready to use as soon as it get’s to you.

FREE postage to NZ customers.

There is a choice of 5 colours;

  • Black with tan stripe
  • Black with green stripe
  • Duck egg green with duck egg blue stripe
  • Black with pink stripe
  • Black with grey stripe

We recommend that you do not hang in direct sunlight. We love the unique texture, and charm of printed canvas it can be secured to your wall with small tacks or drawing pins in the 4 rivets. It may not sit flush to the wall at all times and can be further secured as you desire.